Video After The Jump

Young Dolph talks more about his beef with Yo Gotti and more on The Breakfast Club.

·        How are you feeling?

·        The song “Drippy”- he wished he went to the prom

·        Are you enjoying life now?

·        Being raised by his grandmother

·        Resentment towards his parents

·        Vow to never let another man raise his kid

·        His views on college

·        The hood following him

·        Being shot at

·        Do you have a person that checks you?

·        Being shot around time music is released

·        Why are people creating a beef between you and Gotti?

·        Could you and Gotti talk?

·        How do we move forward?

·        Gotti trying to sign him

·        Sidechicks

·        Buying a car for sidechick